Stable legs ... What is that and how do you prevent it?

Stable legs ... What is that and how do you prevent it?

In autumn and winter many horses are kept in the stable. Standing in the stable a lot can have consequences for some horses. Older horses in particular can be affected. Stable legs are lurking. Stable legs are swollen legs with moisture in them. Why that is ...

What are stable legs

Stable legs are caused by reduced fluid and blood drainage in the legs. Because this drain does not work sufficiently, the horse's lower legs can swell. This often happens, as the name suggests, when horses have been in the stable for longer. Often only the back legs of a horse swell, but if a horse is stationary for a long time, the front legs can also swell.

This is how you prevent stable legs

In general, the swelling of the legs decreases as soon as a horse starts moving again. Movement gets the circulation going again and the excess moisture can be removed. It is therefore important that a horse gets enough exercise. Ideally, this should be in the form of a meadow with a walk-in stable.

Do you have a lot of training on it? Then spray the legs with water afterwards to reduce the chance of stable legs. Lowering the protein content in your horse's diet can also reduce the chance of stable legs.

Do you regularly suffer from stable legs?

Does your horse regularly suffer from stable legs? Then giving herbs can help reduce the symptoms. Herbs such as cleavers, nettle and dandelion support the removal of waste and moisture from the body.

Stable bandages can offer the solution against stable legs. Just like with humans, these act as a kind of support stockings and prevent swelling. Watch out; the use of stable bandages is only recommended for horses with chronic stable leg problems. Stable bandages do not stimulate the body to do something itself against the reduction of moisture and to stimulate blood flow.

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