This influence has stress on your horse

This influence has stress on your horse

There is often uncertainty or questions about stress in horses. It is known that events such as competitions can cause stress on a horse. Of course, stress can also be caused by something else. Think of the character of a horse, changing the living environment or the arrival of a new stable mate. When a horse is under stress it is important to find out where exactly this stress comes from. What is the reason for his changing behavior?

What is stress?

Before you can search for the cause of the stress your horse is experiencing, it is useful to know what stress actually is. In horses, stress generally manifests itself in restless behavior. Logical, because horses are originally flight animals.

A horse has a faster startle response compared to many other animals. He can see almost everything around him with his eyes, but not everything is sharp. If a horse sees something that it cannot quite determine what it is, the first startle reaction will be run away. Preferably as hard and as far as possible.

Just like in humans, stress in horses is caused by the production of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol does not only affect the condition of your horse. A high dose of cortisol also affects the immune system and makes white blood cells less active. The longer a horse's stress persists, the greater the chance that a horse will get sick.

What to do against stress?

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to determine the cause of the stress your horse is experiencing. For example, a cause may already be a certain odor that we cannot smell directly, a certain person, a place or an object.

As the owner, carer or rider of the horse you can help him or her. By teaching your horse not to feel unsafe in similar situations, he will learn to deal with the situation and gain confidence. He also learns that he can trust you. It is therefore important to remain calm at all times, no matter how great the panic in your horse. Take your time, exercise and don't give up!

Stress can also be caused by a change. If this is the case, it is often easier to verify. Think back to what has changed in the stable or in the immediate vicinity of your horse since he behaves differently. Has a new horse arrived in the stable? Has a horse left? Has the road to the meadow changed, etc.

Herbs for rest

Certain nutrients or herbs can help reduce stress. Please note that the herbs, regularly used in, for example, a paste, do not contain substances that are considered doping.

Hofman's No Stress Paste or PrimeVal's StressLess injector are a good example of this. The No Stress Paste contains a higher amount of natural L-tryptophan with added magnesium. These two substances support optimal functioning of the nerves and muscles. It has a calming effect without the horse getting weak muscles or drowsy.

The StressLess Injector helps horses relax through a combination of soothing herbs and nutrients. The soothing herbs in combination with amino acids help to reduce stress, without compromising the alertness of your horse.

Do you have questions about using a herbal paste to reduce stress in your horse? Feel free to send us a message or contact the vet for more information.

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