How often does a horse have to go to the blacksmith?

A good pair of shoes is important for a solid foundation. If you wear the wrong shoes, this can cause problems. You will notice this not only on your feet, but also in the rest of your body. It is just as important for your horse to have good "shoes".

Take care of a horse. How do you do that?

A healthy horse is a happy horse. And when your horse is happy, then of course you are! Good grooming is important for a happy horse. How does that work exactly?

Braiding mane: this is how you braid the mane of your horse | MHS Equestrian

Braiding your horse is a painstaking job, but if you follow the right steps, it will be done in no time. Before you start braiding it is important that the manes are clean. To ensure that all loose hairs are taken, you can wet the hair a little.

Cutting with scissors, a knife or pulling a mane: that's how you do it | MHS Equestrian

If you don't want your horse's mane to grow for too long, but you want to keep it nice, it's important to keep it. This can be done in various ways. Manes can be pulled or cut scissors or a knife.