When does my horse need which rug?

During the summer months, it's less complicated, but by the onset of fall and winter, everyone is running into it; Rug Choices! Which rug do you need for your horse when? How thick should the rug be to keep my horse warm? Does the rug have to be waterproof or is it only for the stable? Every horse, just like people, is different and therefore has different needs. So there is no specific rug suitable for every horse at that time. External factors such as the weather and temperature also influence this. 

Clipped or not clipped? 
First of all, there is a big difference between clipped horses and unclipped horses. A horse that is not clipped creates a thick winter coat itself. When an unclipped horse is cold, he will lift

Different types of horse rugs

There are many different types and sizes of rugs. Thickly padded rugs, unlined rugs, waterproof or not, fleece rugs, fly rugs and much more. In this blog we will list them for you with indications when which blanket is suitable for a horse or pony.