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Leather Thiedemann rein with an adjustable neck strap and an adjustable girth loop with a detachable carabiner for attachment to the girth. The narrow straps of the martingale are also adjustable and fitted with carabiners. The rubber rein (21 mm wide) has leather ends (15 mm wide) with buckle closures. This rein has three D-rings on both sides: two on the leather ends and one on the rubber part. The narrow martingale straps are passed through the bit rings and attached to the D-rings of the reins with the carabiners. The Thiedemann reins are fitted with shiny, silver-coloured fittings made of chrome-plated brass. The Thiedemann reins ensure that the horse cannot raise and/or forward its head too far while riding.

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In 1988 the excludes brand "BR" (Bieman Riding) was introduced. BR has now grown into a recognized brand that is synonymous with quality within the equestrian world.