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Accessories for horse clippers at MHS Equestrian

If you clip your horse in winter, you will also need clipper accessories. You usually do clipping twice a year and then you take off the winter coat. You probably already have a good clipper for this, but that also includes clipper accessories for your horse. And you can go to MHS Equestrian for all your shaving supplies. And of course we also have clipper accessories for your pony, for smaller horses and for more precise shaves. Whether you want to remove the winter coat, you want to cool down or you want to toilet or update with the clippers, with the accessories from MHS Equestrian you can do it all.

Our accessories for clippers

We sell large and small clippers and their accessories. With horse clipper accessories we mean, for example, oil to lubricate the blades, various blades, brushes and tools. You can also purchase an extra battery, so that you never run out of power. This is useful when you are traveling with your horse. That way you can use the same clipper for a number of purposes and surfaces and you have several options. With the accessories for clippers from MHS Equestrian you are provided with all your clipping supplies.