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Essential oils for your horse at MHS Equestrian

Did you know that using essential oils can help with restlessness, mood swings, anxiety, stress or muscle pain in horses? We all knew that this is the case in humans, of course, but because a horse's sense of smell is stronger and is just as much linked to behavior and emotion, essential oils are a friendly, harmless and natural way to help your horse with certain problems to help. You have to take into account that you use much less, that you dilute it and that you do not give it to the horse to eat. Essential oil is really just for smelling for horses.

Different types of essential oils

At MHS Equestrian we sell different types of essential oils for your horse. For example, there is special oil that keeps insects at bay. Eucalyptus is good for the muscles, so you can use that in diluted form for massages. It also prevents the formation of bacteria. Tea tree oil is ideal for superficial injuries, insect bites and burns, and lavender helps with stress. An employee of MHS Equestrian is at your service for advice on essential oil for horseback riding. Try it and you will see your horse improve.