Grooming Supplies

The best brushing gear for horses and ponies

Horse lovers like to spend at least an hour a day caring for the horse and brushing gear is essential. At MHS Equestrian you will find all the cleaning equipment that your horse needs, such as brushes, cleaning gloves, hoof scrapers, massage brushes, curry comb and the accompanying care products. With our products, your horse is clean, neat and shiny at the end of the day. Between the horse cleaning equipment from MHS Equestrian you will find what you need for good care of your horse.

Cleaning supplies for care and appearance

We sell horse and pony grooming items that you take care of your horse, but with which you also give it an optimal appearance. Do you want your horse to look his or her best for a competition? Then use the cleaning equipment from MHS Equestrian to realize that. There are products to wash your horse, to remove tangles, to make the hair shiny and for braiding. We have razors and brush patterns that give your horse a perfect look. This way you not only ensure that it is kept clean and tidy, but that it is also allowed to be there during competitions, rides outside or on any other occasion.