Cookie Statement MHS Equestrian

On our website we use cookies. We do this so that we can deliver the best service possible trough our website. This ensures the best ease of use for you and gives us a better understanding of your behaviour on our website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that our being downloaded the same time as our webpage loads. This file is placed on the hard drive of your device by your web browser, so that you will be recognised during your next visit. 

Cookie notice

When you visit our website for the first time we will show a notification with an explanation about the cookies. Here you can choose to accept or decline our cookies. When you continue to use our services we assume that you have no problem with our cookies. 

Types of cookies

On our website we use analytical cookies, functional cookies and marketing cookies. Below we will specify all three types of cookies.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies gather information on which pages of our website you visit, how long the visit has taken and your overall surfing behaviour on our website. This data is saved anonymously and will not be used for any other purposes than for the reasons they have been placed.

Google Analytics

On our website we use Google Analytics. We do this so we can keep track on how people use our website. To achieve this cookies are placed. The gathered information is transferred to Google and stored on servers in the United States.  

Google uses this information to track how our website is being used, and to make a report about our website for us. The maximum storage period for these cookies is 26 months. This means that after this period the data no longer is readable. The processing of your personal data via Google Analytics is based on our legitimate interest to obtain general statistics from our website visitors. 

For more information, read the privacy policy of Google, as well as the specific privacy policy of Google Analytics. See here for more information about Google's opt-out scheme.

In addition, we use the following analytical cookies:

  • Adcrowd retargeting;
  • Facebook tracking cookie

Functional cookies

Functional cookies make sure that all components of our website function like they should. You can think of the font size, the functioning of the secure environment by means of login functions and the shopping cart. 

On our website we use the following functional cookies:

  • Shopping cart session;
  • Login session;
  • Product data (viewed products);
  • Magento cache;
  • Language / storeview selection

Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies are cookies that are placed by third parties to show customized advertisements from relevant parties. The technology behind these cookies is advanced, so the displayed advertisements on other platforms can be very specific for the visitors of the website.

On our website we use the following marketing cookies:

  • Beslist tracking;
  • TradeTracker tracking;
  • Trengo 

Switching cookies on and off

You can set your browser to accept cookies only when you agree. For more information, see the manual for your web browser. Note: many websites do not work optimally if the cookies are disabled.

Retention periods and removal of cookies

Most cookies have a best-before date. This means that they automatically expire after a certain period of time and no longer register data from your site visit. You can also choose to manually delete the cookies before the expiry date has expired. For more information about this, you can consult the manual of your browser.

Third party websites

On our website we place social media buttons from, among others, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These buttons can collect information about your surfing behavior on our website. This cookie statement does not apply to websites of third parties that are connected to our website by means of links. We can not guarantee how these parties deal with your personal data. We therefore recommend that you read the privacy statement of these websites for more information.

Contact details

Do you have comments, suggestions or complaints about our cookie policy? Then you can contact us by sending a message to:

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[email protected]