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Excellent Shaving head Horse 1 mm


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The Excellent Clippers Head Horse 1 mm is an indispensable tool for shaving horses. This shaving head is specially designed to shave the coat of horses in an efficient and professional way. With a cutting length of 1 mm, this shaving head ensures an accurate result. Advantages of the Excellent Clippers Head Horse 1 mm: - Efficient: Sharp cutting blades make horse shaving quick and easy. - Professional: With this shaving head you get a professional result, comparable to that of a veterinarian. - Safe: The Excellent Clippers Head Horse 1 mm is safe to use and does not damage the horse's skin. - Durable: The shaving head is made of high-quality materials and will last a long time. - Compatible: The clippers head is suitable for use with the Dog Clipper Plus and the Horse Clipper Toilet Plus. In short, the Excellent Shaving Head Horse 1 mm is a reliable and high-quality shaving head that is indispensable for anyone who shaves horses. With this shaving head you can shave your horse's coat quickly and efficiently, without damaging the skin. Order now and experience the convenience of the Excellent Clippers Head Horse 1 mm!

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A Dutch brand that focuses on nutrition (supplements) and care of your horse. A complete range is offered so that you can always give your horse the right care.