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Harry's Horse Bare back bridoon

This bare back bridoon has a v-tabing which distributes the pressure along the entire bridoon and is bridoonded.
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A bare back bridoon allows comfortable riding without a sheepskin sheepskin saddle pad bridoon, for both rider and horse.

Driving with a bare back bridoon promotes independent sitting. The top of the bare back bridoon is provided with a comfortable and durable anti-slip material which gives the rider extra grip. / there is also a handle attached to the withers.

The bareback bridoon is filled with high density foam. The different thicknesses of the foam encourage the rider to sit upright.

Thanks to the underside of non-skid material, the position on the horse is very stable. The V-tab system distributes the pressure over the entire bridoon.

Due to the anatomical back shape, this bridoon is also suitable for horses with a high wither.

Available in size S for child. Seat length = 32.5 cm. Height 47.5 cm

size L for adults. Seat length + 49.5 cm. Height 52 cm.