Harry's Horse Dressage bit Optimum Sweet Iron 16mm


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Product information

Sweet Iron dressage bit with elegant, anatomically shaped mouthpiece with low tongue arch. This, in combination with the thin mouthpiece (16mm), provides tongue freedom, without affecting the layers too much.

Includes curb chain.

Sweet Iron develops surface rust through contact with (air) moisture. The sweet taste of this surface rust naturally stimulates saliva production, making the bit more acceptable. The horse will foam more.

Because the sweet iron has been heated for a short time, it has acquired the beautiful deep blue color. The rusting process (oxidation) changes the blue color of the Sweet Iron bits to brown-grey.

Sweet iron can contribute to better communication between rider and horse.

Mouthpiece Thickness: 16mm

Shears length: 140mm

Mouth piece:

Sweet Iron: 100% low carbon steel

Scissors: stainless steel

Product features

Bit LeveragaYes
Bit MaterialSweet iron
Bit TypeUnbroken


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