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Harry's Horse Riding breeches Livorno Full Grip


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The Harry's Horse Riding Breeches Livorno Full Grip are a must-have for any rider looking for comfort and style while riding. These riding breeches are made of high-quality materials and offer a perfect fit for optimal riding pleasure. Below you will find a detailed description of the features of these riding breeches: - High waist: The riding breeches have a high waist, which provides extra support and comfort while riding. - Round-stitched seat: The seat of the riding breeches is round-stitched and provided with a silicone print. This provides extra grip and stability while driving. - Side pockets: The riding breeches have two side pockets, which is useful for storing small items while riding. - Embroidery and crystals: The riding breeches are provided with various embroidery and crystals, which provides a stylish look. - Slide button closure: The riding breeches have a slide button closure, which ensures a firm and secure closure. - Lycra insert trouser leg: The riding breeches have a lycra insert in the trouser leg, which provides extra comfort and flexibility while riding. - Composition: The breeches are made of 67% cotton, 25% polyester and 8% spandex, which ensures a comfortable and durable breeches. In short, the Harry's Horse Riding Breeches Livorno Full Grip are an excellent choice for any rider looking for comfortable and stylish riding breeches. With its high-quality materials and perfect fit, these riding breeches are a must-have for every horse rider.

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