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Harry's Horse Ring snaffle O-link RS 55mm, MT14mm

Stainless steel, French mouth o-link, mouthpiece 14mm, rings 55mm.
Expected delivery time 1-8 working days

Double jointed snaffle bit made of high quality stainless steel 14mm thick and a ring size of 55mm.

Is easily accepted by the horse because of the beautiful design.

Suitable for use with a bar and snaffle bridle in combination with a dressage bar. (higher dressage sport, from Z dressage in the Netherlands)

Product features
Bit LeveragaNo
Bit MaterialStainless
Bit TypeDouble Broken
Size chart

Width (A) Width of the mouthpiece
Thickness (B) Thickness of the mouthpiece

Order size
Width (A) Thickness (B)
13,013 cm 0'5.1" 5.1"1.4 cm 0'0.6" 0.6"
15,015 cm 0'5.9" 5.9"1.4 cm 0'0.6" 0.6"
Order size 13,0
Width (A) 13 cm Width (A) 0'5.1" Width (A) 5.1"
Thickness (B) 0'0.6" Thickness (B) 0'0.6" Thickness (B) 0.6"
Order size 15,0
Width (A) 15 cm Width (A) 0'5.9" Width (A) 5.9"
Thickness (B) 0'0.6" Thickness (B) 0'0.6" Thickness (B) 0.6"

All sizes in the size chart are measured with the greatest possible care. It is possible that the sizes differ slightly from the actual product. You cannot derive any rights from this size chart.