Hofman Cord Excellent Plus 200 m / 6 mm white


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Hofman Cord Excellent Plus 200 m / 6 mm white

Excellent Plus: The TURBO GUIDE under the fencing cords! Excellent Plus contains stainless steel wires and alloy wires. Stainless steel wires are extremely strong, break-resistant and durable. Light metal wires are the perfect current conductors. This combination offers the best guidance. Excellent Plus has the best conductivity, this is recognizable by the low electrical resistance in Ohm / m. Very suitable for cattle and horse fence. 40 times more power + UV resistant.As the name suggests, the cord consists of multiple polyethylene (PE) threads that are themselves stretched (mono). As a result, both the Excellent Plus and the Excellent line have a very long lifespan and a high UV resistance.

The Cord Excellent Plus specifications:

  • Colour White;
  • Length: 200 meters;
  • Resistance: 0.027 Ω / m;
  • Number + cross section LMD wire: 3 x 0.2;
  • Number + diameter stainless steel wire: 6 x 0.3;
  • Breaking power: 400 kg.

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