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Hofman FarmClipper Clipster Horse

FarmClipper Clipster Horse with premium shaving foils, with optimized design, provide an easy to clip and an improved shaving pattern.
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    Hofman FarmClipper Clipster Horse
    Hofman FarmClipper Clipster Horse

    FarmClipper Battery
    The new battery-powered to clipr is designed for horses or livestock and offers excellent value for money. It contains two 14.4 Volt Lithium ion block batteries, which enables uninterrupted shaving thanks to their optimized usage and charging times.

    The to clipr is equipped with premium shaving foils that, thanks to their optimized design, ensure an easy to clip and an improved shaving pattern. The ergonomic phead-head-roperties of the FarmClipper Battery are clearly visible: the special surface phead-head-roperties of the housing and the balanced center of gravity prevent the user from getting tired too quickly. Even small hands have a firm grip on the to clipr.
    The FarmClipper Battery is a shaving machine with great all-round features, equipped with Supra razors and excellent handling.
    • Available in horse and cattle version
    • Includes two 14.4 volt lithium ion block batteries
    • Optimized working and charging times (approx. 1.5 hours) for uninterrupted shaving
    • Equipped with Supra razors "Developed in Germany"

    Spare battery included

    Shaving machine & blades
    Power: 2300 rpm
    Voltage: 14.4 Volt
    Noise level: <78 dB (A)
    Shaving time full battery: 90 minutes
    Charging time: 90 minutes
    Upper blade: 15 teeth
    Lower blade: 31 teeth
    Weight: 1200 g including battery

    Machine: 34cm x 8cm
    Suitcase: 40cm x 10cm