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Hofman Flybuster Garden Trap incl. Bait

Innovative fly trap including 40 grams of attractant
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Hofman Flybuster Garden Trap incl. Bait
Hofman Flybuster Garden Trap incl. Bait

FlyBuster Garden Trap incl. 40 grams of attractant
FlyBuster Garden is an innovative product against fly nuisance and has achieved enormous successes in Euhead-head-rope. The FlyBuster has been extensively tested and the results are amazing. This fly trap comes with 40 grams of attractant in a water-soluble bag. Catches up to 40,000 flies.

Natural barrier against flies which ensures a flight reduction of up to 90%!

Applications FlyBuster Garden

• In and around the Garden
• Gardens & Parks
• Catering (terrace)
• Camping & Recreation parks
• Swimming pools
• Sports parks

FlyBuster -The solution for combating house, channel and meat flies!

The special and patented 'one way' openings of the FlyBuster are designed in such a way that once the flies have flown in, they can no lungeing reinr es(safety) helmete. The fly trap contains a very effective attractant (100% organic) that attracts flies. Very easy to use. Open the top part of the lid and add 1 liter of water to the attractant in the trap. Hang / place the trap at a height of approximately 1.50 meters. It is important that the trap hangs / stands in the sun and out of the wind (eg not near fans). The FlyBuster Garden is ready for use! Due to the release of the characteristic air that attracts the flies, it is advisable to only use the FlyBuster outside. (If the wind is in the knee roll direction, the trap can be closed if desired, for example barbecuing.)

Effective for up to 60 days!

The attractive attractant, based on fermented yeast and ingredients from the food industry, ensures a very good attraction for the flies. The trapped flies will digest in the trap and thus provide an even higher attraction for new flies.

When the trap is full of flies and / or the attractant has worn off, empty the Flybuster and fill it with new attractant and water. The contents may simply be disposed of with household waste.

Success guaranteed nationally and internationally!

Mixing ratio attractant
40 grams of bait per liter of water.