Hofman Flytec Fly Trap Glue with Brush


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Flytec Fly Trap Glue including brush
The perfect glue for fly traps to catch flies and horseflies (insects) in a natural way!

By adding fly attractant to the glue you catch much more!

The perfect glue for fly traps
Flytec Fly Trap Glue is the perfect glue for fly traps. For catching flies (insects) naturally, without the use of pesticides (poison). Sticks excellently for a long time (up to 5 months). Flytec Fly Trap Glue is weather and rain resistant.

Ideal in combination with black buckets, used milk filters or other objects.

Hang the object in the desired place (half sun / half shade) and apply a thick line of glue on the top of the object by center of a brush. As the glue heats up, it drips down slowly and in stripes. Spread the glue over the entire object with a brush.

Very economical in use and very effective in catching flies and horseflies.

Hang a new object if it is full of flies (insects). Hang out of the reach of children, livestock or animals.


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