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Breeding Horse

Do you have a pregnant mare in the stable or are you involved in breeding horses? At MHS Equestrian you will find many aids prior to and around the birth of a foal.

First of all, you undoubtedly want to know as early as possible whether your mare is actually pregnant. For this you will find the Weefoal 120 in our webshop. The Weefoal 120 measures the Estrone Sulfate content in the mare's urine. Estrone Sulfate is produced by pregnant mares. You can use the Weefoal 120 test in succession from day 120 up to and including day 300 of the pregnancy.

Before birth

During the pregnancy of your mare you can use the MHS Milk Test. Just before birth your mare makes colostrum. This is milk with a high concentration of antibodies. These antibodies are essential for the newborn foal. With the milk test you can measure the pH value of the milk. Normally this value is above 7.7. However, if your mare produces colostrum, the value is 6.0 or lower. If it appears that the pH value of the milk is 6.0 or lower, then you can almost assume that the foal will be born within 24 hours after the measurement.

A birth alarm actually indicates when your mare is about to give birth. Most mares lie completely stretched on their side during their birth in order to give more space to the foal during delivery. A birth alarm registers this and gives a signal as soon as your mare lays down, he automatically calls to your cell phone.

At MHS you can choose from the Lite and Mobile Premium variants. Both birth alarms work great. The Premium version is even more delicate than the Lite and offers more functions.

Do you want even more certainty? Then use the Animalcam security camera in combination with a birth alarm. This way you can follow exactly what is happening in the barn on your mobile display.

After birth

A newborn foal is vulnerable and could use some extra help. The Melissengeist Breath Spray is a great breath for your newborn horse. It promotes the secretion of amniotic fluid and mucus, making breathing easier. With one of our warm and waterproof foal rugs you can keep the newborn foal well up to temperature during the first days of its life.