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Bitless Horse

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Order bitless bridle horse

A bridle that is bitless: your horse will be very happy that you choose this. At MHS equestrian you can order a bitless bridle online, simply and quickly. Did you know that a bitless bridle feels much better for a horse? Although riders have more control over a horse when the bridle does contain a bit, many riders like the horse to enjoy a walk. Riding a completely bitless horse is therefore recommended.

The benefits of bitless horse riding

Although some riders say that with bit they have more control over the horse, bridles with bit and without bit are basically the same. You will notice that your horse is more comfortable with a bitless bridle. This effect is enhanced if your horse has ever had a bad experience with a bit in the past. The animal will now be more relaxed.

Because the horse can relax, the bond of trust between you and the animal will also be strengthened. There are many different bitless bridles within our range. Examples are a side pull, but also jaw-crossed bridle is possible. In addition, there can be varied in color. If you order before 17:00, we will send it to you the same day.