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A bar and a bridle bridle is particularly suitable for the advanced rider, for example when you are active at a higher level in dressage.

This bridle has a double rein and a double bit, so that each bit has its own rein. The rod always consists of one piece. The barb is broken single or double.

When you start riding, the bridle attached to the bar is the bridle that you use to communicate with your horse. The rod consists of one piece and therefore leans on the entire mouth of your horse. It is unpleasant for your horse if this pressure is constant. You must therefore ensure that the bridle attached to this bit is not in constant contact with your horse.

Choice of rod and snaffle bridles at MHS Equestrian

Our bar and snaffle bridles are made from excellently finished and supple leather. The bridles are available in different colors. The bridles are nicely symmetrical with an anatomically shaped headpiece that is softly lined.

In our size chart you can check which bridle brand fits your horse best.

Maintenance of your bridle

Leather is a beautiful and natural material that is most durable when properly maintained. Therefore, regularly clean your bridle well with one of our special leather cleaning products. To keep the leather supple, grease it after cleaning with a leather balm or leather oil.

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