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Reins form the connection between the bit in the mouth of your horse and your hand. There are different types of reins available, including variants with and without stops.

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Reins are the connection between the bit in the mouth of your horse and your hand. A snaffle is generally driven with one pair of reins. If you drive with a combination bit, two reins are used.

Reins are available in various materials. Depending on your personal preference you can choose between smooth leather reins, reins with stops, reins with anti-slip and reins with loops. In addition, reins can be provided with cross pieces, also called rein butterflies. These bridle butterflies prevent the rings of, for example, a martingale from sliding too far forward on the bridle and getting stuck.

Use a rein

While driving, the rein passes through your fist. The rein enters the fist between your little finger and ring finger, and comes out at the top over your index finger. The thumb presses the rein against the index finger to prevent the rein from sliding through your hand. Both the material and the stops contribute to a better grip on the reins while driving.

Auxiliary reins

In addition to normal reins, MHS Equestrian offers various auxiliary reins, for example slipper reins, side reins, a martingale or thiedeman reins. Reins that help to correct your horse's posture. However, it is important that you use caution when using these reins. Use an assistant rein for the first time. Read yourself well and get advice from an experienced rider or riding instructor.

MHS Equestrian helps

Do you have questions about choosing the right rein or do you have another question about one of the other products in our range? We are available by phone on workdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. You can also mail to [email protected] Our expert team is at your service and happy to advise you.