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Harness pads for your horse

Looking for harness pads for your horse? In that case you have found the webshop where you can find and order everything in this area. You can not do without harness when you ride a horse, especially when you drive frequently. A harness pad for your horse provides a degree of protection. If the harnesses are in direct contact with a horse, it can chafe. Horse hair can also get caught in a harness.

Buy harness pads for your horse at MHS Equestrian

Direct contact between horse and harness can lead to discomfort. Harness pads for your horse prevent such problems. It can be seen as a kind of extra protective edge between skin and harness. This means that the harness cannot chafe against the skin, sweat cannot become an annoying factor and your hair will not get stuck between the harnesses. This increases the overall comfort of your horse. You will find harness pads in all shapes and sizes in our webshop. You have a choice in terms of materials, colors and brands. You are also at the right place at our web store for related accessories. In addition, our range is filled with high-quality products, all for a competitive price.