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Protect your horse against flies with the help of an odor-neutralizing spray or consider the use of bone oil

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In the summer, your horse can experience considerable nuisance from flying and stinging insects such as mosquitoes, hornets and flies. Especially when it is hot, flying pests come up with the odor that your horse emits. In addition to the unrest and itching that they cause cause insects in your horse, these insects can transmit viruses, bacteria and fungi. Not a pleasant thought!

Initially, your horse will use its tail to scare away flies and other insects. Indeed, the insects fly away from the back and forth ... and then immediately return. Your horse can therefore use some extra help.

Fortunately, there are several solutions, including odor neutralizing sprays that help your horse fly and repel mosquitoes. For example a spray with a mixture of natural essential oils. These oils help to neutralize the sweat and odor of your horse, with the result that fewer flies will come at your horse.

As an addition to a spray you can consider the use of deerskin oil. This oil, which you mix with the spray and has a strong repellent odor. Insects will gladly skip your horse when you smell the stained horn oil. The oil has a dark color and is therefore less suitable for light-colored horses and fungi.

Other tools against flying

In addition to odor-neutralizing sprays, we have fly blankets, fly masks and ear nets in our range to help your horse in its fight against flies, mosquitoes and hornets. A fly blanket is a very thin blanket that protects the entire body of your horse. If it is very hot you can wet the blanket before you put it on your horse.

With a fly mask you mainly protect the eyes and the vulnerable part around the eyes of your horse. With an ear net you finally protect your horse's ears against buzzing flies.

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