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Foal Halters Horse

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  1. BR halter foal
    BR halter foal
  2. Foal leather headcollar
    Foal leather headcollar
  3. Harrys Horse Foal Halter Top
    Harrys Horse Foal Halter Top
    $14.23 $7.15
  4. PFIFFsoft foal halter
    PFIFFsoft foal halter
  5. Premiere halter foal Fun
    Premiere halter foal Fun
  6. QHP Halter foal collection
    QHP Halter foal collection
  7. QHP Halter foal leather Ilanura
    QHP Halter foal leather Ilanura
  8. QHP Leather Halter "Chico"
    QHP Leather Halter "Chico"
  9. QHP Leather Halter Foal Learn Lupine
    QHP Leather Halter Foal Learn Lupine
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A foal halter for your young horse

At MHS Equestrian you will find a wide collection of halters. For your foal we have a lot of choice in special foal halters. It is good to give your foal a halter in the first days after birth. This way the foal can get used to the halter a bit.

The right fit of your foal halter

It goes without saying that your foal halter must have an optimal fit. It must not be too loose, but not too tight either, as it may cause it to pinch. Fortunately, you can adjust a foal halter extra generously on the headpiece, at the throat and under the chin. Because of this the foal halter grows along with your foal for some time. Make sure that the halter is not too small. If so, buy a new halter.

Practice with your foal

You will have to practice regularly with your foal in the beginning before he has actually mastered running a halter. A foal will not immediately understand that you want him to walk with you. In any case, never pull the lead rope. Your foal braces itself and tries to withdraw. Guide your foal by putting a hand on the bottom or let the mare lead the way. This will make it easier for your foal to follow.

Sizes and colors

We have various colts in nylon and leather. Both materials are comfortable to wear for your foal. You can also choose between all kinds of different colors and brands.

To help you choose the right size, check out our size chart for halters. Here is stated per brand what dimensions a halter has. Moreover, we show how you can measure the various sizes with your foal yourself.

Horse Halters

In addition to foal halters, we have the right horse halter in our range for every situation. For example, a comfortable stable halter or a nice show halter for the moments when your horse should look its best.