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Safety Halters Horse

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Optimal safety for your horse with the help of a safety halster

If you want to brush your horse, secure it with a halter rope and a halter. Never fasten your horse to a rope halter. A rope halter can cause ugly injuries in panic situations. This is because a rope halter does not yield or jump loose when a horse hangs in it. This is in contrast to a normal halter - the buckle eventually jumps - or a safety halter.

A safer alternative to secure your horse is a leather halter or a nylon halter. These stable halters are sturdy, so your horse will not pull away with a soft jerk, but will come loose when there is more pressure on it.

Does your horse hang regularly and do you want to make sure that the halter that he is wearing comes off to prevent injury? Then choose a safety halter. A safety halter jumps through the Velcro fastener as soon as it comes under pressure. If you want to use the halter during the daily care of your horse, you can put the halter on the "permanent" position. This makes it less easy for the halter to open. If you put your horse in the meadow with the safety halter, you can switch from the permanent position to the safe position. In this position the halter comes loose with a short jerk.

With this safety halter you no longer have to worry that your horse will seriously injure himself, for example because he will catch his hoof on the halter.

Our service

In our size chart you can see which size safety halter fits best with your horse. Have you been able to make a choice and do you place your order before 5 PM? We will ensure that your halter is sent to you the same day.

We also offer post-pay service and should the halter not fit your horse? Then you have no less than four weeks after receipt to return your halter.