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Fetlock boots

Where you protect your horse's front legs with tendon boots, you use fetlock boots or strap covers for the protection of your horse's hind legs, especially when riding out, training or jumping.

Solid strap covers protect the fetlocks from the hind legs of your horse from bumps, taps or damage. At MHS you can buy loose strap covers from, for example, our own MHS line or QHP, BR and HB. Together with tendon boots, make sure your horse's legs are perfectly protected. With the many fresh matching colours of the protectors, you can make up nice combinations. Most colours match nicely with the MHS harness pad sets.

Our fetlock boots have a solid, tough and protective exterior. Inside, they are softly lined so that they can be worn comfortably by your horse. They are equipped with a handy Velcro strip closure. After the ride or training, the protector can be quickly and easily removed in that way.

You can also choose to purchase a complete leg protection kit, from HB, for example. You will then receive a set of both strap protectors and fetlock boots. These sets are also available in many colours.

Well-fitting fetlock boots

It is also essential that the fetlock boots have a perfect fit. They should be comfortable and therefore not too tight. On the other hand, they have to remain tight so as not to twist during riding or training. Do you need advice on the size of your fetlocks? Take a look at our size chart. And should you not find it there, you can always contact us. We'll be happy to assist you!

MHS service

Ordering with MHS guarantees carefree ordering with just that extra bit of service. You can pay afterward and have a four-week trial period. And of course, you can expect a speedy delivery. Because if your order is placed with us before 17:00, we will ensure that your products are shipped on that same day.