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Protect your horse against the cold and rain while driving with a driving rug. The outer fabric of thedriving rug is waterproof and often even water-repellent so that your horse stays nice and dry during a possible rainshower.

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A driving blanket during the outdoor trips

A driving blanket protects your horse during outdoor trips against various afflictions. If it is cold, the driving blanket ensures the horse's muscles keep warm and that any sweat and excess heat is discharged to the blanket’s exterior. More and more owners are shaving their horses in winter. Certainly in this situation, it is necessary for the comfort of your horse to use a driving blanket when travelling.

The outer fabric of the driving blanket is waterproof to keep your horse dry during a potential storm.

Multiple functions of the driving blanket

And, when spring breaks again, the driving blanket protects your horse from annoying flies, hornets or mosquitoes during the ride. And that's nice because they can make your horse quite irritable. Not nice for your horse, but for you it is more relaxing if your horse is not continuously shaking its head or swishing its tail.

Driving blankets are made in such a way that you can assemble them simply and easily without having to refer to the user guides. Due to the handy Velcro strap, you will have assembled the blanket in no time. In addition, they have fastening straps for the rack and recesses of the lead locks. Specially designed for use while driving.

A lot of choice at MHS

There are also reflective driving blankets in a fluorescent colour with additional reflective strips, for example, from Ideal. It is recommended that you can opt for optimal visibility and safety during the evening.

You can choose a blanket with or without a neckline and each is available in different colours and prints. When choosing a blanket, it is also good to measure. In our size chart you will see how to accurately measure which blanket fits your horse. And do you have any further questions about our blankets or any of our other products? Let us know! We would be very happy to answer your questions and give you advice.