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Does your horse suffer from summer eczema? Prevent/reduce complaints with the help of an eczema rug.

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An eczema blanket effectively protects your horse

In summer, your horse may suffer from summer eczema caused by mosquitoes (Culïcoidsmug) and the best way to prevent this is by using an eczema blanket. Mosquitoes are very small sting-flies of only 1 to 4mm, but unfortunately they can cause major problems. The insect bite of this small mosquito can lead to a local allergic reaction that causes intense itching for your horse. Your horse will try to relieve this itching by rubbing or biting itself. And that can lead to crusting and flaking skin.
Because prevention is always better than cure, we recommend starting the eczema blanket use in March prior to the eczema season. Always keep a close eye on your horse. Does it start to rub, itch or roll? Then immediately apply the blanket after washing your horse and treating it with an anti-inflammatory agent.
Is your horse wearing an eczema blanket for the first time? Then take a walk with your horse and keep an eye on it for the first few days to see if it’s adjusting well to the blanket. It is a great opportunity because your horse will be glad that it is no longer bothered by annoying flies and mosquitoes.

What exactly does an eczema blanket do?

Like a moving sign, eczema blankets use the repulsive effect of certain colour combinations, such as zebra print. As a result, the mosquitoes and other flies remain at a distance. In addition, your horse is fully covered with an eczema blanket so, all areas where mosquitoes are likely to sting are protected.
Because your horse is completely covered, the eczema blanket is made of a very light, smooth and breathable fabric so, it is also pleasant for your horse to wear in summer. Other features of a good quality eczema blanket include a neckline, an extra-long tail flap and a stomach flap. This protects your horse from head to toe.
It is, of course, important that the blanket fits your horse perfectly. In our size chart you can find which size you can best order for your horse.

Maintenance of the eczema blankets

An eczema blanket must be shaken out quite regularly. This ensures that the fabric continues to breathe well and dries quickly after a rainstorm. For the same reason, it is good to wash the blanket often. Also check that the blanket is not damaged, whereby a mosquito could still sting your horse.