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A suitable saddle for your horse

A properly fitted saddle is very important for your horse. Compare it with well-fitting shoes for yourself. If your shoes are not comfortable, you will have a painful walk and develop blisters. The same applies to a horse if his saddle does not fit well. A less than perfectly seated saddle can cause back pain, painful pressure spots and muscular cramps.

When fitting a saddle it is important to know the boom measurements and the length of the saddle. The saddle cushions should not be too long because they could overlap the last rib of your horse. This can cause pain because the saddle no longer rests on a sturdy rib, but instead, on the soft parts.

When fitting a saddle, test the feel while riding. Match the saddle to your build and riding style. Check if the seat size is correct: The distance from your own seat to the back of the saddle should be a hand width. The saddle size is indicated in inches.

Different types of saddles

MHS sells many kinds of saddles that differ in material, size and fit. Thus we sell leather and plastic copies. Plastic saddles are a bit lighter, budget-friendly and easy to clean. Also, they are often available with interchangeable saddle tree. A leather saddle is often a bit finer and has a nice appearance. It takes more time in maintenance, but then also looks good for years. We have different leather care products that keep your saddle in perfect condition.

If you are a recreational rider, then a versatility saddle is suitable. This allows you to mount on both sides. If you do mainly dressage, there are special dressage saddles that help you to sit in the proper way. Jumping saddles are made in such a way that you can ride with as short stirrups as possible in order to create optimal support with your knees.

Good advice

In short, there is a lot to look at when choosing a saddle. Therefore, always be comprehensively and well advised before purchasing.