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At MHS Equestrian you will find a wide selection of different types, materials, colors and brands of stirrup belts. So there is always one that fits your saddle perfectly!

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Stirrup stay straps are the straps that connect your stirrups to your saddle. At MHS you will find a wide choice of different types, materials, colours and brands. You will always find the perfect stirrup strap for your saddle.

Types of stirrup stay straps

A stirrup stay strap is also called a saddle strap or stirrup strap for short. They are connected to your saddle with a stirrup strap hook. This hook is open or has a flexible hinge so that the brace strap will easily slide out of its attachment in case of a fall.
Stirrup straps come in leather and in synthetic form. Synthetic straps are commonly used. They are also easy to use and maintain and suit almost any budget. If you do not have much time for maintaining or polishing your straps, then synthetic will be a good choice.
A leather stay stirrup strap has a beautiful, stylish look and matches perfectly with your leather saddle. Leather is extremely strong and has a very long life. It is a prerequisite though that you are well-equipped with leather care products. In addition to a prolonged service life, proper care also ensures your safety. If you do not perform maintenance, the straps will weaken and develop small cracks, for example.
Synthetic straps must also be checked regularly. Check that the belt is still tight and check for loose or frayed stitches.

Different sizes and brands

All our straps are available in lengths and thicknesses and also in different sizes. This makes them suitable for any sized horses and ponies.


A good tip is to swap the left and right straps with some regularity. If you don't, the length may differ. By mounting your horse, the left strap becomes more stretched.
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