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At MHS Equestrian you will find a wide range of stirrups. That way you can always provide your saddle with the optimum stirrup.

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Always the right stirrup at MHS Equestrian

There are different types of stirrups for the saddle of your horse. In our webshop you will find a wide selection of different types, colors and brands of stirrups. That way you can always equip your saddle with the best fitting stirrup.

Stirrups are attached to the saddle using stirrup straps. The brackets must always be wider than the sole of your boot to prevent your foot from getting caught in the bracket in the event of a fall. If you wear boots with a heel, the stirrup can be open from the front. The heel prevents you from sliding forward. If you are riding with a boot without a heel, choose a stirrup that is closed from the front to prevent your foot from shooting through the bracket and getting stuck.

Stirrups are not only useful when climbing your horse. They offer you comfort, safety, stability, support your feet while riding and can also help you improve your horse's posture. For example, you can opt for asymmetrical braces or use angled bracket blocks so that your toes automatically turn inwards and your leg is straight. In addition, a stirrup provides protection in the event of a sudden side jump.

Flexible stirrups

Flexible stirrups are popular because they relieve the ankle and knee joints. They improve your leg position and adjust naturally to the movement of your foot. They have a wide footbed which offers optimum support.

Safety stirrups

A safety stirrup opens as soon as the pressure is released. There is an elastic on the side or a cap on the front. They ensure that during the fall you cannot get stuck in the bracket or shoot further. You can see this variant more and more often at riding schools or driving schools and are therefore recommended for children or inexperienced riders.

MHS Equestrian offers all kinds of stirrups in, among other things, stainless steel or composite, a plastic. The plastic copies are available in various fresh colors and from various brands. At MHS Equestrian you will always find the stirrup of your choice!