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Training Aids Horse

Ideal training aids

There are many different tools for training your horse and you can find them all at MHS Equestrian. For example, when lunging, you can use help reins. With this you give extra attention to a good posture and balance of your horse during training.

An example of such an auxiliary rein is the additional rein. This bridle provides a direct connection between the bit in the mouth of your horse and the lunge girth. You can then adjust your horse by adjusting the length of this auxiliary rein.

With a lunging aid you help your horse to fully relax its back. This auxiliary rein is adjustable in length and extends from behind the withers to the bit rings, between the front legs of your horse.

Other well-known reins are the martingale and the thiedeman reins. The martingale is loved when jumping and consists of a belt, one end of which is attached to a girth between the front legs of your horse and the other end ends in two narrower belts that end in a ring. The reins run through these rings. When your horse raises its head, the martingale acts through the bit on the layers in your horse's mouth. By adjusting the martingale you determine how high your horse can lift its head.

The thiedeman support rein works similarly, but you cannot determine the rein length yourself. The effect is therefore less present than with the martingale.

A vehicle is used to keep the saddle in the right place while riding. Other help reins that you will find at MHS Equestrian are slipper reins and triangle reins

High quality for the friendliest price

Many of our reins are made from the best quality leather. Leather is a beautiful natural product with a long service life. With one of our care products, such as leather oil or leather balm, you ensure that the leather stays smooth.

The welfare of your horse comes first

Training aids, the word says it all, are there to help your horse. So never use them to force your horse. Immerse yourself well in the operation of the various reins. Our experienced team is happy to advise you on the various reins in our range. We are available by phone on workdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.