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Breastplates Horse

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  1. BR Breastcollar Cover
    BR Breastcollar Cover
  2. BR Breastcollar Fur
    BR Breastcollar Fur
  3. BR Breastplate Rayleigh Elastic
    BR Breastplate Rayleigh Elastic
  4. BR Seat Saver O-Coccyx dressage
    BR Seat Saver O-Coccyx dressage
  5. BR vehicle Heywood
    BR vehicle Heywood
  6. BR vehicle Leeds
    BR vehicle Leeds
  7. BR vehicle Rayleigh
    BR vehicle Rayleigh
  8. BR vehicle Stratford
    BR vehicle Stratford
  9. BR vehicle Taunton
    BR vehicle Taunton
  10. Harry's Horse Elastic breastplate
    Harry's Horse Elastic breastplate
  11. PFIFF Platin, breastplate 'Coventry'
    PFIFF Platin, breastplate 'Coventry'
  12. Premiere vehicle
    Premiere vehicle
  13. QHP Breast Sedna
    QHP Breast Sedna
  14. QHP Luxury Stitching Harness
    QHP Luxury Stitching Harness
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The purpose of a Breastplates

A breastplates is an auxiliary rein that is used to keep the saddle in place when riding. You attach the harness to the front of your saddle using the rings or eyelets provided for this. Once attached, your saddle can no longer slide backwards.

A breastplates is useful when you climb a hill or other slope with your horse. Even when jumping it can happen that your saddle slides backwards. A breastplates prevents sliding of the saddle. In addition, it reduces the pressure of the girth on the lower abdomen of your horse.

You can also use the breastplates as a basic support to which you attach a martingale, for example.

A breastplate has the same function as a breastplates; it holds the saddle in place. You can also attach a martingale rein to the breastplate. Most breast harnesses are attached to the girth, just above the sweat blade and at the front of the saddle.

Carriages are made in various materials, including plastic, elastic and leather. The disadvantage of plastic or elastic is that sanding spots can occur when your horse sweats a lot. The QHP leather breast collar prevents this. By using natural materials, your horse can lose its warmth better.

The use of auxiliary reins

Just like with other auxiliary reins, such as the martingale, a thiedeman rein or side rein, it is important that you always put the welfare of your horse first. They are auxiliary materials. These auxiliary materials are not intended to force your horse. Familiarize yourself with the functioning of auxiliary reins before you use them for the first time or ask an experienced instructor or trainer for advice.

Advice from the MHS Equestrian team

Our team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable employees is also ready to give you advice about help reins or about one of the other products in our webshop. We are available by phone on workdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. You can also mail to [email protected] We will answer your question as soon as possible.