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At MHS Equestrian you can go for various help reins for lunging, but also for under the saddle. An example of this is the martingale and the thiedeman reins.

Support rein martingale

The martingale is often used as an auxiliary rein. This helper is especially popular for jumping.

The martingale consists of a belt, one end of which is attached to a girth, between the front legs of your horse. The other end splits into two narrower belts with a ring attached to the end. The reins run through these rings.

The head strap is held up by a strap around the neck of your horse. When your horse raises its head too far, the martingale acts through the bit on the layers in your horse's mouth. The longer you leave the martingale, the higher your horse can lift its head.

Assistant rein thiedeman

The working of a thiedeman auxiliary rein is comparable to that of the martingale. Unlike a martingale, a thiedeman's belts are not attached to the reins with rings. Instead, the thiedeman has small clips that are attached to rings attached to the rein.

With a thiedeman, it is not possible to determine the length of the support rein yourself. This length is fixed. This makes the effect of this help rein somewhat less strong than that of the martingale.

At MHS Equestrian you will find various brands of martingale and thiedeman support reins, such as QHP and MHS. The reins are made of supple quality leather and are available in the colors brown and black.

Leather is a beautiful, natural product with a long service life. However, it is important that your leather is properly cleaned and maintained. You should also regularly clean and maintain your leather auxiliary reins. Use saddle soap and little water for cleaning. After drying out your auxiliary reins you can maintain it with leather balm or leather oil. This keeps your bridle nice and flexible and you will enjoy it for a long time.