Side Reins Aids Horse

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A side strap consists of two leather straps. At one end of the strap there is a hook to which you can attach the bit, at the other end the strap is attached to the lunge girth. The rein is adjustable at the side that is on the longeersingel is confirmed.

When you attach a side strap to the bit of your horse, he can learn to hold the bit correctly in his mouth, without having to pull the reins as a rider. Your horse soon learns that the counter pressure will stop as soon as he no longer pulls the bit and the reins.

A side strap is adjustable in length, so you can teach your horse to wear its head in the correct position. Of course you always ensure that the bridle is not too short so that your horse must walk in an unnatural position.

Lunging with a side reins

A side reins is often used during lunging. You determine the body posture of your horse through the adjustability of the side reins. It is useful when you can easily adjust the reins. Some reins in the assortment of our webshop can be put to the bit with clips. This works quickly and practically.

The correct use of the additional reins

A side reins is an aid and must also be seen as such. If you do not use the side reins correctly, or if you exert too much force, your horse may see a connection between the aid and the unpleasant consequences of wearing it. Your horse will then become restless when wearing the support rein.

Therefore, always be patient when you want to use a side bracket or other aid. Make sure that your horse hardly notices any restrictions after putting it on and only make the bridle or other aid to measure when your horse has warmed up. In this way you both have maximum fun!