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Product information

This anti-bite spray can be used on all wood, metal, bandages, but also mane and tail can be protected from biting when using this spray.
Anti-bite contains Bitrex™ which is one of the most bitter stubstances to exist making this one of the best working anti-bite spray.
Anti-bite is absolutely not harmful to the horse itself and is available in a 500ml bottle.

Extra information:

- Discouraged horses nibbling and biting certain things
- Very bitter taste and smell
- Obviously not harming the horse itself
- Spray in places where they are not allowed to bite in 

Product features

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About Leovet

Leovet's products arose from personal interests, scientifically and from customer questions with the background from the pharmacy that Ulf Jacoby took over from his parents. His vision: the better health the horse has, the less work for the rider. This philosopher has been the idea from the beginning.