MHS Halter "Stripe" with rope and fly fringe


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This cool nylon halter is Ideal for the summer months! The nylon is not too wide, so this halter has a pretty fit in both the mini sizes and the large sizes. This halter is amply adjustable under the chin and on the headpiece. Easy to use due to the handy clip on the jaw strap.

The halter is available in different colors and sizes! (if in stock)

This halter comes with a rope and detachable fly fringe.

Dimension indication

Size 0 baby = suitable for newborn mini and shet foals
Size 1 foal = suitable for mini and shet foals
Size 2 yearling = suitable for mini and shet yearlings/twenters or pony foals
Size 3 Mini = suitable for adult mini and shet or horse foals
Size 4 Shet = suitable for adult shetlanders and small A-ponies
Size 5 Pony = suitable for ponies
Size 6 Cob = suitable for large ponies and small horses
Size 7 Full = suitable for horses
Size 8 Extra Full = suitable for large horses

Note: these are indications. To find the right size for your mini, pony or horse, we recommend that you measure and consult our size chart.

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