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The aging process can have different effects in horses and ponies.
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    The aging process can have different effects in horses and ponies. Cushinaze is designed to promote zest for life and support the functioning of the hormone regulator of the pituitary gland and of the intestines.

    More and more often we see problems with the pituitary gland, especially in animals that cannot tolerate insulin. This can lead to a bad condition, a curly coat (Cushing's disease), excessive drinking, lethargy and even hoof problems such as laminitis. Cushinaze supports the resistance to promote overall health and vitality.

    Cushinaze is recommended for all horses and ponies with any of the above symptoms where the pituitary gland is causing problems, or for four-legged friends where blood tests show that this is the case.

    Dosage Horses & Ponies:

    • High dose (7 to 10 days): 50 grams per day (2 scoops)
    • Maintenance dose: 25-50 grams per day (1 to 2 scoops)
    • 1 measuring scoop of 50 ml contains approx. 25 grams.
    • A 1 kg bucket is sufficient for approximately 40 days at a daily dose of 25 grams.
    • Introduce gradually to picky eaters.
    • The maintenance dose can be adjusted independently of the weight to the individual needs of the horse or pony.


    Gynostemma pentaphyllum, Monk's Pepperberries (Vitex agnus castus, 140 g), Milk Thistle Seeds, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM), Ginseng (Siberian), Ginkgo Leaves, Echinacea, Magnesium Oxide, Brewer's Yeast, Olive Leaves (dried), Carrot (dried), Mint, Omicha berries, rosehip shells, dandelion leaves, turmeric, chlorella (dried), ginger, rosemary, licorice root, rapeseed oil.