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  1. Hofman Equi Parex Pellets
    Hofman Equi Parex Pellets
  2. Hofman Equi Seaweed pellets (Seaweed)
    Hofman Equi Seaweed pellets (Seaweed)
  3. Hofman Equi Total Balance
    Hofman Equi Total Balance
  4. Hofman Sand Exit (Muesli)
    Hofman Sand Exit (Muesli)
    $55.20 $46.36
  5. Hofman Sand Gone
    Hofman Sand Gone
    $42.83 $35.98
  6. Hofman Sweet Lucerne
    Hofman Sweet Lucerne
    $18.45 $15.50
  7. Psyllium
    $35.68 $29.97
  8. Rapide Rappo Seaweed
    Rapide Rappo Seaweed
  9. Sandclear
    $62.85 $52.80
  10. Sectolin Sandclear
    Sectolin Sandclear
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14 Items

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The best herbs for your horse

Horses are originally a herd animal and wild herds of horses eat hundreds of different types of plants and herbs. It is therefore not surprising that horses in the pasture respond well to horse herbs. This is the kind of food that they also encounter in the wild and where they get an extensive selection of food every day. Every herb has certain medicinal substances as well as vitamins, minerals and important amino acids. Horses like these plants, but they also help your horse to stay healthy. At MHS Equestrian you will find a large amount of herbs for horses that you add to the diet for an extra healthy meal.

Herbs as a dietary supplement

There are a myriad of herbs that help your horse stay healthy. The vitamins with herbs for horses, for example, stimulate the respiratory system and digestion. In addition, there is a herb for every problem and these nutritional supplements stimulate healthy hair, healthy organs, healthy muscles, healthy blood, healthy joints, healthy resistance and much more. Contact the MHS Equestrian and we will help you put together the ideal spice mix for your horse. This way you help your four-legged friend to stay healthy in a natural way.