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Pessoa Double-jointed loose ring snaffle Magic System 14 mm


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This double jointed loose ring snaffle is made of stainless steel with a copper part in the mouthpiece. The Magic System bit combines the flexibility of a broken bit with the control of a straight mouthpiece. The exclusive, patented design prevents the bit from bending completely, causing injuries to the tongue and palate. The copper in the mouthpiece gives off a sweet taste. This activates saliva production and aids in bit acceptance. The bit has a normal effect on the mouth. The mouthpiece has a thickness of 14 mm and the bit rings have a diameter of 65 mm. A snaffle bit is a bit with loose bit rings. This type of bit is generally well accepted because the mouthpiece is relatively loose in the mouth. With a double-jointed snaffle, the mouthpiece consists of three parts. The middle part of the mouthpiece lies flat on the tongue. This creates more pressure on the tongue than with a single broken mouthpiece. The thicker the middle part, the more pressure on the tongue.

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