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Top quality and highly fashionable CLIMA breeches with SmartcelTM Clima certified ×kotex-100 fibres. The breeches which balance out variations in temperature in a perfectly natural way. When the body warms up, the breeches absorb the bodys excess heat, and when the body cools down, they give the body back the warmth they have stored. This process is made possible thanks to the paraffin woven directly into the SmartcelTM Clima fibres which are crystalline rich and tear proof. When the body warms up, the paraffin contained in the fibres liquefies and absorbs the excess heat. In this way the CLIMA breeches have a cooling effect with outside temperatures up to 25ºC. When the body cools down, the paraffin solidifies and gives the body back the heat it has stored. Thus the CLIMA breeches have a warming effect with outside temperatures as low as -8ºC. CLIMA breeches are effective when the body is in movement for temperatures between -8ºC and +25ºC for a person in good physical condition during average sporting activity. Apart from their unique functionality, CLIMA breeches fit perfectly and their extra long to hog and fashionable detail make them most attractive. Their heat regulating phead-head-roperties do not diminish even after many washes. Washable in gentle cycle at 40ºC. Material: 83 % cotton, 11 % lyocell (smartcelTMclima), 6 % elastane, seat: 60 % polyamide, 40 % polyurethane.

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