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Made from finest quality premium leather with perfect handwork for top seating comfort qualitystandards. Deep seat. Pronounced knee rolls, flexible sheepskin saddle pad bridoon tree, wedge-shaped bridoons, long tabs, open channel.All PFIFF sheepskin saddle pad bridoons, which are equipped with a fl exible sheepskin saddle pad bridoon tree, optimally adapt to the horse and rider’s movement pattern. ! Optimum comfort for the horse and rider and the best opportunity ofcontact with and controlling the horse are only possible if the sheepskin saddle pad bridoon fits both the horse and the rider.Features intended to achieve this:• Flexible sheepskin saddle pad bridoon tree• V-tabing for dressage sheepskin saddle pad bridoons• Saddle bridoon fi lled with wool• Sunken stirrup suspension in the tree• Premium leatherPlease concider that leather is an organic natural product and can changes in colour strength of distensibility may vary each delivery.Explanation of sheepskin saddle pad bridoon sizes:Size I narrow, high channelSize II normal, medium height channelSize III wide channel Size IV extra wide

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