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Robust hoof shoe with non-slip and shock-absorbing synthetic sole. It can be quickly attached and adjusted to the hoof using double Velcro fasteners. Soft filling on the coronary band and the anatomical shape prevent possible pressure points. The durable nylon upper is easy to clean.

It is available in ten sizes and can be used for both front and rear hooves. To determine the size, the hoof should be measured in length from the ball of the foot to the toe and in width at its widest point. To do this, place the horse with cleaned hooves on a straight and clean surface and Ideally cover the hoof with a sock. This means that there is no contamination of the hoof shoe when fitting. The hoof shoe should be as tight as possible and there should be no space between the nose and the shoe.

Cover: 100% polyamide with leather application.

TPU sole.

See the size chart below for the sizes (see also image between the photos):

Size A (width) B (length)
0 98-104mm 104-109mm
1 105-109mm 110-114mm
2 110-114mm 115-119mm
3 115-119mm 120-124mm
4 120-124mm 125-129mm
5 125-129mm 130-134mm
6 130-134mm 135-139mm
7 135-139mm 140-144mm
8 140-144mm 145-149mm
9 145-149mm 150-154mm
10 150-155mm 155-160mm

Product features

Leg protection materialPlastic

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