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Protect your hands from the winter weather while riding with the PFIFF Winter Glove. These gloves are not only pretty and warm, but also elastic and made of durable materials. The good grip in the palm ensures that you can hold the reins firmly. The exterior of the glove is made of 100% nylon and the inside of 100% polyester. The gloves are easy to wash by hand, so you can always keep them clean and fresh. Equestrian gloves are not only comfortable, but also functional. They protect your hands from chafing the reins and provide extra grip when holding them. The PFIFF Winter Glove has extra reinforced pieces in the places where they come into contact with the reins the most, so that your hands are optimally protected. It is important to choose the right size for the best fit and optimal protection. Therefore, consult the size chart with an explanation of how to measure your hands, so that you are sure that you order the right size. In short, the PFIFF Winter Glove is a must-have for every horse rider who also wants to ride comfortably and safely in winter. Order them today and enjoy warm and protected hands while riding.

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