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The Premiere nylon leash is a high quality leash specially designed to meet the needs of your pet. This leash is made of a durable nylon material that resists wear and tear, so you can rest assured that your pet will stay safe and comfortable while walking. This leash features a copper chain and carabine clip, making it easy to leash and release your pet. The brass chain is durable and rust-resistant, while the carabine clip is easy to use and holds securely. The Premiere nylon leash is available in a variety of sizes and colors so you can choose the perfect leash to suit your pet's size and style. Whether you have a small dog or a large dog, this leash is suitable for all types of pets. Advantages of the Premiere nylon line: - Made of durable nylon material that resists wear and tear - Fitted with a copper chain and carabine clip for easy attachment and release - Available in different sizes and colors for all types of pets - Safe and comfortable for your pet when walking Choose the Premiere nylon leash and give your pet the best and most comfortable walking experience possible.

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Maintenance of your nylon halters and halter ropes

Washing machine
if you want to wash nylon halters and / or ropes in the washing machine then choose not to wash them too warm (preferably max 30 ° Celsius). To prevent damage to your washing machine, place the halters and ropes in a pillowcase and tie them with rope or elastic. Be careful with scented soap and / or detergent in connection with the risk of allergic reactions.

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