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QHP Bridle Sedna

This bridle is specially designed to avoid the nerves on the horse’s head and to distribute the pressure evenly. The special shape of the nose band ensures that the facial crest (jawbone line) and the attachment of the face nerve are avoided. The anatomical crown piece avoids pressure on the ear muscles. The extra wide crown piece distributes the pressure better and the pressure on the neck attachment muscles is minimized. Both the nose band the crown piece feature gelbridoonding which forms to the shape of the horse.Colour: Black, BrownSize: Pony, Cob, Full
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Bridle specially designed to avoid pressure points on the horse's head.

The cheekbone and the attachment of the facial nerve are exposed due to the special shape of the noseband.

An anatomical headpiece keeps the ear roots free.

The extra wide head piece distributes the pressure better and minimizes the pressure on the horse's neckband.

Equipped with gel padding on the noseband and the headpiece that takes the shape of the horse.

With narrow wave browband set with silver colored metal studs.

The throat strap is adjustable on both sides.

Equipped with blind closures on the cheek pieces.

Supplied with matching web reins. Part of the Q-Cross line.

Product features
Bridle MaterialLeather