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The QHP Competition Jacket Coco Junior is a classic model with a chic look and catchy details. This competition jacket is perfect for young riders who want to shine at competitions. The Coco competition jacket is made of slightly stretchy softshell of 280 g / m2, making it very comfortable to wear. The fabric composition consists of 50% polyester, 45% nylon and 5% lycra. This ensures a durable and wear-resistant competition jacket that lasts a long time. The competition jacket has a tailored fit and a button closure with QHP buttons. The buttonholes are finished with white stitching, which provides a pretty finish. The Coco competition jacket has a tri-color theme on the collar, pockets and back. The white trim on the collar, pockets and back provides a pretty contrast. The contrasting white stitching along the front and back of the split completes the competition jacket. The competition jacket has two flap pockets and a metal QHP detail on the left side. The rhinestones on the lapel, pockets and back slit provide an extra chic look. In short, the QHP Competition Jacket Coco Junior is a must-have for every young rider who wants to shine at competitions. The competition jacket is durable, comfortable and has a chic look. With this competition jacket, every young rider will feel confident during competitions.

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Maintenance of your horse clothing

No garment is the same and that is why different washing instructions apply per garment. These washing instructions can be found in the label that has been sewn into the clothing. You often find these in your neck or in your side.

Are there no labels with washing instructions? Or have they been wiped out? Do not take any risks and wash your horse clothing with hand or in the washing machine at 30 ° Celsius. Never stop riding clothes in the dryer if you are not sure if it can withstand this. You run the risk that the clothes shrink or damaged.

To keep your white riding breeches nice and white, you can occasionally soak the pants in the bio-tex. A little help from Vanish in the washing machine also works wonders. Do you have a stain that cannot be removed from it? Rub the stain before washing with some ox gall soap and leave it for half an hour. Then, without rinsing the ox gall soap, stop your riding breeches in the washing machine and wash them according to the washing instructions in the label. If everything went well, your stain should be out after the first wash.


  • Is your clothing not really dirty and you do not want to do it in the washing machine yet? But does it smell like a horse? Hang it just outside in the wind to air. Possibly combined with a clothes spray and your clothes are fine to wear to the horses once again!
  • Do you have stubborn stains that no longer leave your clothes? Rub it with ox gall soap. You can just get this in the supermarket. Leave for a while (half an hour) and do not rinse out. Wash the garments according to the washing instructions in the label in the washing machine and if everything went well, the stains are removed after washing.

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