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QHP Head Brush Timber Brown 10 pieces

The main brush Timber gchanneling the horse's head.
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The main brush Timber gchanneling the horse's head. Small size, body brush with handle and soft bristles.

The main brush has a wooden handle and a nylon strap.

Fine brush that makes the head of your horse, pony, shetlander or mini horse clean.

Removes dirt, dust and loose hair.

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Maintenance of horse brushes and care products


After using a brush or curry comb comb comb, it is wise to remove any remaining horsehair between the bristles of the brush and curry comb comb comb. With a sick horse, make sure that you do not use the brush for other horses or animals and disinfect the brush and / or curry comb comb comb after use. Remove sand and other dirt with a damp cloth made of plastic or wooden parts.

Shampoo / sprays

You should keep these products cool and dry. Never store liquids in direct sunlight. Do not use aerosols near open flames or pierce after use. Always keep the liquids out of reach of children and animals.