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QHP Saddle Pad Sparkle


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The QHP Saddle Pad Sparkle is a luxurious saddle pad that stands out because of the surface at the back with rhinestones placed on both sides. This saddle pad is not only beautiful to look at, but also has various functional properties. The saddle pad is anatomically shaped, which means that it adapts perfectly to the horse's back. This distributes the pressure on the horse's back evenly and increases the horse's comfort. The inside of the saddle pad is lined with a highly absorbent waffle fabric. This ensures that the horse's sweat is quickly absorbed and drained, keeping the horse dry and not overheating. A 3D mesh insert has been placed on top of the saddle pad for good ventilation. This allows the heat produced by the horse to be dissipated easily, keeping the horse cool and not overheating. The saddle pad is finished with a cord along the edge with glitter details. This gives the saddle pad an extra luxurious look and completes the saddle pad. The QHP Saddle Pad Sparkle is equipped with a saddle loop with Velcro and girth loop. This keeps the saddle cover in place while riding. In addition, the saddle pad is decorated with a glittery cord, interrupted at the girth and has a QHP embroidery on the belt loop. The stitching of the saddle pad is in a square pattern, which provides a pretty look and extra strength. In short, the QHP Saddle Pad Sparkle is not only pleasing to the eye, but also has various functional properties that increase the horse's comfort.

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